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Juzhitai information technology (suzhou) co. LTD
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Jizitai   information technology (suzhou) co., LTD., founded in November 2005, is   located in wujiang economic and technological development zone, suzhou city,   jiangsu province, China. It is a B2B Internet company.

Jizitai   always adheres to the development path of scientific and technological   innovation, scale, collectivization and internationalization. Deliberate and   deliberate, deliberate action. The company strives to become the most famous   fastener supply chain mode output company in China.

We   insist on the "three hearts" service principle of quality assured,   price gratis, and service intimate, and quickly expand the east China   hardware market; Constantly improve the inventory, improve the distribution   of vehicles and personnel, in order to achieve short, flat, fast results.

Juzhitai   grasps the market trend with wisdom and insight; To "customer   satisfaction, integration and innovation, integrity and win-win" core   values. Eventually, it will achieve the vision goal of "setting the   benchmark in the industry and making juzhitai famous in the world".

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