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LOGO Number Company Name Core Product Action
2A628 Dongguan Xiangtian Automation Technology Co.,Ltd
3C633 Dongguan Xinchao Furniture Fittings Co.,Ltd. Specializing in the production of four-legged nuts, riveted nuts, hexagonal nuts and other furniture accessories products.
3C531 Dongguan Xinhao Screw Hardware Industry furniture screws, special nuts
3C527 Dongguan Xuanyo Products Factory Co.,Ltd
3B506 Dongtai AOXY Metal Products Co.,Ltd. A2 = 304, A4 = 316washers, square washers, bowl-shaped washers, lock washers, spring washers, stainless steel stampings
3C107 Dongtai City LS Metal Product Factory
3A662 Dongtai pengyi stainless steel products co., ltd.
3B207 DONGTAI QB Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Special bolts, Stainless Steel bolts/nut/rods, hot forged parts
3C118 Dongtai Ruihang Stainless Steel Products Factory Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of stainless steel horizontal adjusting foot cups: heavy directional adjusting foot cups, heavy universal adjusting foot cups, hexagonal ball head bolts, directional adjusting foot screw, nylon directional adjusting foot cups, nylon universal adjusting
3C835 Everred Metal Products Co.,Ltd. hex bolts,heavy hex bolts,carriage bolts,hex flange bolts,hex nuts,heavy hex nuts,nylon lock nuts,flange nuts,weld nuts,drywall screw,chipboard screw,self drilling screw, threaded rods,anchors,and washers.
3C125 Fastener World Inc. Fastener World Magazine, China Fastener World, Hardware World & Industrial Components, Emerging Markets, Europe Special Edition,
2C228 Fischer Instrumentation Ltd. Test/ Analysis Instruments
3B611 FIXDEX Fastening Technology Co., Ltd Wedge Anchor,Chemical Anchor,L/J anchor bolt,threaded rod,Elevator Anchor,Sleeve Anchor,Drop in Anchor,Heavy duty Anchor,self drilling screw,drywall screw, washers etc.,
2C221 FOCUS MACHINERY Co. Ltd. Vertical packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, food packaging machine, powder packing machine, metal packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, filling packing machine, liquid packaging machine

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