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2020 Eleventh Exhibitor List
LOGO Number Company Name Core Product Action
2D681 CHANGZHOU CANTY ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD Electric Rivet Tool ( all material rivet 2.0-6.4 mm )
Cordless Rivet Tool ( all material rivet 2.0-6.4 mm )
Cordless Huck Rivet Tool ( HUCK Rivet 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm)
Cordless Rivetnuts Tool (all material rivetnuts M3-M12 )
2A525 Changzhou Wan You Fastener Co., Ltd Stainless Steel self drilling screw , self tapping screw , decking screw , chipboard screw,wood screw.
2E555 Changzhou Zhihui Coating Industry Co., Ltd Coating application of the incoming coating material in terms of Delta-Mks、Magni and Zintek.
2E559 Cixi Jiesheng Metalwork Factory Hollow wall anchor、Metal plug、express nail anchor series expansion screws,development and manufacture of mould,solar junction box and connectors,hardware plug-in
2E328 Cixi KangNeng Products Co.,Ltd.
2E376 CIXI WANXIN FASTENER CO.,LTD Various series of drilling screw with tapping screw,drywall screw ,fiberboard screwe,self tapping screw ,machine screw,and all kinds of non-standard goods
2A228 DONGGUAN CHEUK YU METAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED All kinds of rivets, round pins, square pins,hexagonal pins, all kinds of screw, jeans nail, precision CNC parts, CNC machining parts, stamping parts and zinc die casting aprts.
2E565 DongGuan City DaLang ChunQing Precision Hardware Factory Special screws, multi stroke screw and various lighting accessories.Automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle, new energy, electronics, electrical appliances, sports equipment, computers and toys and other hardware parts (multi position screws, special-shaped screws, square screws, axle shafts, screw
2E160 Dongguan City XinDi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Stainless steel bright annealing furnace, 410 drill tail bright quenching furnace, mesh belt brazing furnace, mesh belt powder metallurgy sintering furnace, mesh belt annealing furnace, mesh belt tempering furnace
2D275 Dongguan Haitong Machinery&Electronics Industrial Co.,Ltd. American type hose clamp / single ear hose clamp / V band hose clamp Heavy duty hose clamp / AC hose clamp / quick release clamp / U type clamp / spring clamp / butterfly handle clamp
2A535 Dongguan Honghui Metal Co.,Ltd. Self drilling screw, self tapping screw, wood screw and stainless screw
2D689 Dongguan Hongrui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.
2C619 Dongguan Junctionway Software Co.,Ltd.
2A131-132 Dongguan KBG Hardware Products Co., Ltd Professional R&D and production of M0.6 -M1.7 precision micro-screw,ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel materrials separated workshop production ,to ensure professional and scale effect !Current business areas involve 1. LED display . 2. Mobile communication industry . 3. Glasses and watches industry . 4. Robot uav industry . 5. Tablet computer . 6. Precision electronics industry .7.All the fasteners industry counterparts are slso my customers.
2E207 Dongguan RKE Intelligent Technology Co., LTD Optical sorting machine, testing machine

*The above exhibitors rank in no order

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